The World of Erasthay – Firmare

The Goddess of Farming – Firmare

Sex: Female
Title: The Bountiful Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Farming, Agriculture
Residence: The Verdant Fields
Parents: Pater, Slata
Spouse: Krab
Lovers: Matar, Pater
Children w/ Matar: Illth
Children w/ Pater: Vedr
Children w/ Krab: Lagu
Religion: Worshiped by farmers.
The Order of the Green Spring: All female priesthood.


The Verdant Fields: An endless, cultivate field where every crop grows. It lies around the Flaming Mount so Firmare can be close to her beloved husband.

The Tilled Earth: Pater‘s lust were insatiable, and he lusted after all his daughters. He went to her, promising her anything to sleep with her. Firmare desired the Green Heart, belonging to Matar. Pater stole into the Silver Forest, where Mater dwelt, and stole the heart from the Great Oak, which contained the power to control plants, and presented it to Firmare who ate it and then spread her legs in the field and fucked her father. She bore him the goddess Vedr.

The Mother’s Stolen Power: After Pater stole the Green Heart, Matar, desiring her power, went to the fields and seduced Firmare. Firmare had trouble controlling the Green Heart and Matar promised to teach her in exchange for sex. Firmare agreed, but what Matar did was still back half the power back from Firmare womb. Matar has the power over wild plants, while Firmare has the power over cultivated plants, able to control the power know. Firmare conceived a hermaphroditic daughter, and because of the betrayal of Matar, the Goddess of Illness was born, Illth.

The Golden Bees: With the power of the Green Heart remaining to Firmare, she masturbated in a field. As she came, her droplets of excitement squirted from her pussy became her industries Golden Bees to pollinate her fields. Their honey is often stolen by Las to make his Ambrosia.

The Grieving God: Firmare went to Krab on his fiery mountain to see if he could build a device to allow the earth to be easier tilled. Krab was grieving the dissolution of his marriage to Biaute. Firmare took pity on the ugly god. She saw how much he cared and found her heart quicken for him. They married and Krab invented many wonderful tools of agriculture for her. Together, they had a daughter, Lagu who taught laws and civilization to the mortal races.

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