The World of Erasthay – Henta

The Goddess of the Hunt – Henta

Sex: Hermaphrodite
Title: Huntress
Sphere of Influence: Hunting, Moon
Residence: The Silver Forest
Lovers: Biaute, Slata, Matar
Children w/ Matar: Amazon
Children w/ Slata: The Norns
Children w/ Biaute: Devas
Religion: Worshiped primarily by lesbians and even many heterosexual women. No organized religion.


The Silver Forest: The Silver Forest lies outside the Adamant Palace. Made up of beautiful, silver oaks and tall, graceful silver lindens. Matar wanders the groves, admiring their beauty. Here also, Henta hunts the woods with cadre of her Amazon daughters.

The Hunting Game: From time to time, Matar enjoys playing a hunting game with her daughter Henta. Henta hunts her mother, who hides, and has one moon to find her mother. If Henta wins, she gets to fuck her mother. If Matar winds, she gets to fuck Henta. No matter which one fucks the other, another Amazon is born.

Lost in the Woods: To get back at Slata for sicking her daughters the Erinyes on him, Las assumed the guise of Biaute, Slata‘s favorite daughter. As Biaute, Las enflamed Slata‘s desires with tales of a certain seed that grows from a tree only found in the heart of the Silver Forest—the Golden Pomegranate—claiming it is the secret of her [Biaute‘s] perfect beauty. When Slata steals into the woods, she is hunted by Henta. She is captured and seduces Henta to keep from being harmed. Slata enjoyed her tryst and occasionally steals into the woods to be with Henta. She never found the Golden Pomegranate, but she found a different sort of seed. Three demigoddess were born of their union: The Norns.

The Hunting of Beauty: When Henta glimpsed the most beautiful Goddess in creation, Biaute, Henta had to posses her. The Goddess of the Hunt approached Biaute, but beauty wanted noting to do with the wild, hermaphrodite goddess and she fled across the earth. Henta pursued Biaute through mountains, valleys, forests, deserts, across oceans and ice. Eventually, she caught up to Biaute. Impressed by her devotion and aroused by the pursuit, Biaute submitted and discovered the delights of a lover with both female and male anatomy. Each time they have their tryst, more Devas are born.

The Gift of Fate: Slata loved her three daughters, the Norns, and wished a role for them. With Henta’s help, they stole Las‘s Ambrosia, the most potent alcohol in creation, and Slata gave it to her husband. Drunk, he agreed that the fate of the Mortal Races would rest in the hands of the Norns.

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