The World of Erasthay – Lagu

The Goddess of Law – Lagu

Sex: Female
Title: Patron of Order
Sphere of Influence: Law, Civilization, Government
Residence: None
Parents: Firmare, Krab
Spouse: Dauthaz
Lovers: Pater, Illth, Slata
The Caring Goddess: Iustia
Children w/ Pater: Cernere
The Caring Goddess: The Oni
Religion: Worshiped by politicians and rulers. No organized religion.


The Lesbian Goddess’s Affections: Saphique lusted after all her half-sisters and would try to seduce them while they were young maids. She successful seduced Biaute, Lagu, and Rithi, but all abandoned her when they became adults in favor of men. With Throwia and Vedr, she was more successful. Both girls stayed her lovers into adulthood. She introduced the girls to each other, and to her delight, the pair fell in love and eventually married. They still found time to have threesomes with their favorite sister.

The Caring Goddess: Lagu wandered among the burgeoning Mortals, teaching them laws and helping them build civilizations. She never settled in one place, always moving from city to city.

The Marriage of Law and Death: Lagu saw in Dauthaz something no one else had. He loved the Mortals as much as she. While she had taught them order and civilization, trying to be a bulwark against Gewin‘s destruction, she saw a kindred spirit. He was concerned with the mortals fate. They fell in love and married, birthing Iustia the Goddess of Justice, who understood the need to sometimes hand over mortals to her father to preserve her mother’s laws.

The Broken Law: Pater begin to lust after his granddaughter, Lagu. He would always be touching her, trying to sleep with her. But she was married, and as the Goddess of Law, fought her desire to not break her vow. Finally, she relented to her grandfather’s seduction, and Cernere, the goddess of crime, was the product of their transgression.

The Whoring of Law: When Illth inflicted a pestilence upon the earlier cities, Lagu was horrified. The Goddess of Law and Civilization wept for the dead. She came to Illth, begging her to relent. Illth would, but only if Lagu would lie with the hermaphroditic goddess. Lagu agreed, willing to whore herself out to save the Mortals. The Oni were born of this union. Every time a city is ravaged by pLague or pestilence, Lagu spread her legs to appease Illth‘s petulance, birthing more foul Oni.

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