The World of Erasthay – Dauthaz

The God of Death – Dauthaz

Sex: Male
Title: The Shrouded God
Sphere of Influence: Death
Residence: None
Parents: Gewin, Slata
Spouse: Lagu
Children w/ Lagu: Iustia
Religion: Worshiped by all to keep death at bay. No organized religion


The Wandering God: Dauthaz often followed his father Gewin into conflict, watching the death he left behind. He grew sad for the dead, and took pity upon them. He guided their souls to the afterlife. But mortals often misunderstand his presence, fearing he causes death. But he merely ushered their souls to the appropriate realm.

The Marriage of Law and Death: Lagu saw in Dauthaz something no one else had. He loved the Mortals as much as she. While she had taught them order and civilization, trying to be a bulwark against Gewin‘s destruction, she saw a kindred spirit. He was concerned with the mortals fate. They fell in love and married, birthing Iustia the Goddess of Justice, who understood the need to sometimes hand over mortals to her father to preserve her mother’s laws.

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