The World of Erasthay – Seljan

The God of Commerce – Seljan

Sex: Male
Title: The Frugal God
Sphere of Influence: Commerce, Money
Residence: The Adamant Palace
Parents: Biaute, Cnawen
Spouse: Rithi
Lovers: Vedr
Children w/ Rithi: The Moon Maidens
Children w/ Vedr: The Jann, The Efreet
Religion: Worshiped by merchants, no organized religion.


The Courtship of Art: Seljan loved Rithi from an early age. He traveled the world to find her the most amazing materials for her to wrought her art. Rithi returned his affection and married him. They tried to stay faithful, but Rithi strayed first followed by her husband.

The Birth of the Moon: Each of Rithi and Seljan’s unions produced another daughter. They were lovely, but remote, creatures. They were listless. Seljan searched the world and found a rare stone. With it, Rithi fashioned a large sphere and hung it in the sky for their daughters, now called Moon Maidens, to dwell upon.

The Love of Storm and Suffering: The goddess Throwia and Vedr fell in love and desired to be married, but Pater refused to allow two women to marry. Vedr approached her father and inflamed his lust and made him promise to allow her to marry Throwia. Pater lied and said he would. Afterwards, he refused, and Vedr bore ten sons and ten daughters, the Lightning Born and Rain Maidens. Throwia went to her father, Las, for help and he agreed to help her in exchange for sleeping with her. Throwia fucked her father and bore ten sons and ten daughters, the Incubi and Succubi. Las told her, she would need the Chains of the Earth to hold Pater and that they were in the procession of Seljan. Seljan had always lusted after Vedr, so she went to him and slept with him for the chains and bore 10 Efreet and 10 Jinn. With the chains, Throwia seduced Pater and bound him with the chains as part of their sex. Once bound, she tortured him. For a year she tortured him, each day her lust at causing suffering would overwhelm her and she would mount Pater and ride him to orgasm and then bear 10 demon daughters. After a year, Pater finally relented, and Throwia and Vedr were married.

The Storm’s Lust: Despite her happiness with Throwia, Vedr found herself desiring a male lover from time to time. Her palace often drifted by the coastal towns that Seljan, god of commerce, frequented and she remembered her single tryst. There affairs were brief and Vedr would bear more female Jinn and male Efreet. Throwia‘s jealousy would cause her to send earthquakes, storms, and other disasters to cause suffering on the coastal cities Seljan frequented.

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  1. Kabir

    Interesting, looks like this is gonna be a nice detailed story.
    Lol, tried to log in with WordPress, but then it kept breaking

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Did it? sorry to hear that. I wrote the prologue yesterday and I plan on writing the first chapter.


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