The World of Erasthay – Rithi

The Goddess of Art – Rithi

Sex: Female
Title: The Muse
Sphere of Influence: The Arts
Residence: The Adamant Palace
Parents: Pater, Biaute
Spouse: Seljan
Lovers: Cnawen, Saphique, Pater, Gewin
Children w/ Seljan: The Moon Maidens
Children w/ Cnawen: The Oracles
Children w/ Pater: The Muses
Children w/ Gewin: The Phoenix
Religion: Worshiped by artist, no organized religion.


The Lesbian Goddess’s Affections: Saphique lusted after all her half-sisters and would try to seduce them while they were young maids. She successful seduced Biaute, Lagu, and Rithi, but all abandoned her when they became adults in favor of men. With Throwia and Vedr, she was more successful. Both girls stayed her lovers into adulthood. She introduced the girls to each other, and to her delight, the pair fell in love and eventually married. They still found time to have threesomes with their favorite sister.

The Courtship of Art: Seljan loved Rithi from an early age. He traveled the world to find her the most amazing materials for her to wrought her art. Rithi returned his affection and married him. They tried to stay faithful, but Rithi strayed first followed by her husband.

The Birth of the Moon: Each of Rithi and Seljan‘s unions produced another daughter. They were lovely, but remote, creatures. They were listless. Seljan searched the world and found a rare stone. With it, Rithi fashioned a large sphere and hung it in the sky for their daughters, now called Moon Maidens, to dwell upon.

The Cloak of Deception: Pater began to lust after his granddaughter, Rithi, but she rebuffed all his advances, desiring to be faithful to her husband, Seljan. Pater turned to Las, who told him of one of his daughters, Kumo, a werespider who was the most skilled at weaving silk. Kumo wove the cloak and seduced Pater when he came to collect it. She then tried to kill him, but Pater, knowing the nature of werespiders, slew her first and took the Cloak of Deception which has the power to transform the wears appearance. Pater appeared to Rithi as her husband Seljan and made passionate love to her. Rithi had the best experience in her life, asking where Seljan had learned to please her so, and Pater took off the cloak. Rithi, awakened to true sexual pleasure, continued to be Pater‘s lover, as well as take others as lovers. She bore Pater six daughters, the Muses.

The Stone Cock: After Rithi had been awakened to true sexual pleasues by Pater, her gaze turne dot the handsome Gewin. She asked him to model nude while she sculpted him in stone. When she reached his cock, she could not get it perfectly. She asked him to lie with her so she may fully feel it’s girth inside her. Gewin took her hard and then left her for the battlefield. She birthed the Phoenix and finished her statue. She never lay with Gewin again, but the state was anatomically correct, and she often took her pleasure with it.

The Study of Art: Cnawen became intrigued with Art. He had concerned himself with more elemental knowledge, but when he witnessed one of Rithi’s paintings, he realized there were other areas of scholarship. So he went to her. Rithi, by then, had become a loving goddess, indulging in her passions behind her husband’s back. She agreed to let Cnawen study her art. His intelligence excited her, and she seduced him many times, birthing the prophetic demigoddess The Oracles to him.

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