The World of Erasthay – Cnawen

The God of Knowledge – Cnawen

Sex: Male
Title: The Revealer
Sphere of Influence: Knowledge, Scholars
Residence: The Silent Library
Parents: Pater, Slata
Lovers: Biaute, Rithi
Children w/ Biaute: Seljan
Children w/ Rithi: The Oracles
Religion: Worshiped by scholars. No organized religion.


The Silent Library: Built in the depths of the earth, this is the largest repository of knowledge in creation. Each of the tens of thousands of books were penned by Cnawen himself. Only the most worthy scholars are allowed access, and most never leave, lost in the endless shelves.

The Seduction of Knowledge: Despite finding love with Luben, Biaute still burned to have her revenge on Gewin for spurning her. She turned to her scholarly brother Cnawen for any secret that might be his undoing. He did not want to waste time on her petty squabble. So she seduced her brother to get it. When he finished, he told her the truth. There was no way to beat his martial prowess, but marital prowess isn’t the only prowess he possesses. Biaute realized he meant Gewin‘s virile manhood, whom all the goddesses lusted for and which Biaute had wanted to possess for herself. Seljan was born of their union.

The Study of Art: Cnawen became intrigued with Art. He had concerned himself with more elemental knowledge, but when he witnessed one of Rithi‘s paintings, he realized there were other areas of scholarship. So he went to her. Rithi, by then, had become a loving goddess, indulging in her passions behind her husband’s back. She agreed to let Cnawen study her art. His intelligence excited her, and she seduced him many times, birthing the prophetic demigoddess The Oracles to him.

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