The World of Erasthay – Iustia

The Goddess of Justice – Iustia

Sex: Female
Title: The Blind Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Justice
Residence: None
Parents: Dauthaz, Lagu
Spouse: Las
Lovers: Cernere
Children w/ Las: Throwia
Religion: Worshiped by city watches, magistrates. No organized religion.


The Marriage of Law and Death: Lagu saw in Dauthaz something no one else had. He loved the Mortals as much as she. While she had taught them order and civilization, trying to be a bulwark against Gewin‘s destruction, she saw a kindred spirit. He was concerned with the mortals fate. They fell in love and married, birthing Iustia the Goddess of Justice, who understood the need to sometimes hand over mortals to her father to preserve her mother’s laws.

The Marriage of Lust: Slata, tired of Las‘s pranks, felt marriage would calm the lusty God down. She approached the three non-hermaphroditic, single Goddess. Saphique utterly refused, laughing in her twin sister’s face. Cernere inflamed Slata‘s lust and it was only after their passionate tryst did Slata realize her lover had slipped away, leaving behind a note vowing to stay hidden until Las was married. That left Iustia, the blind Goddess of Justice. Slata approached the Goddess and found her to be obedient, following the will of society and thus married Las. It did little to control the God’s lustful behavior. Iustia bore a single daughter, Throwia the goddess of suffering, manifesting the unhappiness of her mother in her marriage and Lashing out the way the obedient Iustia never could.

The Seduction of Justice: Cernere, tired of Iustia’s attempts to curtail her fun, decided to take the blind goddess down a peg. She slipped into Iustia’s bedchamber and bed, pretending to be Las. With a strap-on dildo, she made love to the blind goddess. But Iustia realized there was something different when Cernere refused to take of fher shirt. Iustia realized it was not her husband and, via touch, discovered Cernere. Iustia discovered great joy in their love making and Cernere found herself drawn into the Goddess passion. Their illicit, forbidden affair began marked by passionated reunions and bitter fighting as their natures forever drove them apart as their love tried to bring them together.

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