The World of Erasthay – Saphique

The Holy Virgin – Saphique

Sex: Female
Title: Holy Virgin
Sphere of Influence: Youth, Women, Purity
Residence: The Isle of Women
Lovers: Biaute, Lagu, Vedr, Rithi, Throwia
Religion: Worshiped primarily by lesbians and even many heterosexual women.
The Order of the Holy Virgin: All female religious order.


Origins: Out of the Chaos of the Waters was formed Pater and Matar, united in sex, and the world was birthed from their union. After the world, the sky, the stars, the sun and moon, and all the plants and animals were birthed, two goddess were born: Slata and Saphique.

The Isle of Women: An isle that moves about the oceans of the world. Only the most beautiful lesbians can find their way to the island, and enjoy in the sapphic paradise Saphique has set up.

The Mother’s Desire: The two goddess, Slata and Saphique, were more beautiful then their mothers, and Pater lusted after the two girls. Saphique, disgusted by her father’s actions, refused him. Slata, however, inflamed his lust, making promises of her sex until he agreed to set aside Matar and take her for his wife. Pater divorced Matar and took his daughter for wife. Matar, hurt by her husband’s actions, was consoled by her daughter Saphique, who expressed a desire for women to breed without the need of disgusting men. Matar fashioned a penis for herself and showed it to Saphique, desire to breed with her. Saphique, horrified at the idea of penis entering her, refused her mother.

The Lesbian Goddess’s Affections: Saphique lusted after all her half-sisters and would try to seduce them while they were young maids. She successful seduced Biaute, Lagu, and Rithi, but all abandoned her when they became adults in favor of men. With Throwia and Vedr, she was more successful. Both girls stayed her lovers into adulthood. She introduced the girls to each other, and to her delight, the pair fell in love and eventually married. They still found time to have threesomes with their favorite sister.

The Marriage of Lust: Slata, tired of Las‘s pranks, felt marriage would calm the lusty God down. She approached the three non-hermaphroditic, single Goddess. Saphique utterly refused, laughing in her twin sister’s face. Cernere inflamed Slata‘s lust and it was only after their passionate tryst did Slata realize her lover had slipped away, leaving behind a note vowing to stay hidden until Las was married. That left Iustia, the blind Goddess of Justice. Slata approached the Goddess and found her to be obedient, following the will of society and thus married Las. It did little to control the God’s lustful behavior.

The Clockwork Woman: Las had turned his lusts to Saphique, but the Virgin Goddess would allow no man to lie with her. But she knew Las was crafty and tricksome. So she approached her half-brother Krab and boasted that he couldn’t construct a woman as realistic as a living goddess. Krab fashioned Fabrilina, the clockwork woman. Saphique placed the clockwork woman in her bed when Las came. He slept with her and his sperm was so potent, the Clockworks were born, a race of female automatons.

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