The World of Erasthay – Cernere

The Goddess of Crime – Cernere

Sex: Female
Title: The Nimble Goddess
Sphere of Influence: Crime, Criminals, Night
Residence: None
Parents: Pater, Lagu
Lovers: Iustia, Lagu, Gewin, Slata
Children w/ Las: Fairies
Children w/ Gewin: The Minotaur
Religion: Worshiped by thieves, no organized religion.


The Theft of Manhood: Biaute‘s final act of revenge was performed by Cernere. She challenged the Goddess of Thieves to steal Gewin‘s manhood. Cernere reveled in the challenge, stealing into the Halls of Glory and mounting the God while he slept. When he came inside her, she stole his virility. Never again did Gewin lie with a woman, throwing himself fully into war. Cernere conceived the Minotaur, a foul Demigod that she spurned and locked in a maze to keep from seeing her foul son.

Manhood Restored: When Gewin‘s manhood was stolen, Slata was deeply dismayed. He was her favorite lover, her dutiful son that would please her while her husband Pater dallied with his mistresses. So she went to Cernere and offered to buy it back. Cernere agreed for a kiss, and then she stole so much more, ending up with Slata in her bed and gasping for joy. Slata discovered the delights and had a new lover to enjoy, one who delighted in creeping into her windows at night. Slata received Gewin‘s manhood and restored it to her son.

The Marriage of Lust: Slata, tired of Las‘s pranks, felt marriage would calm the lusty God down. She approached the three non-hermaphroditic, single Goddess. Saphique utterly refused, laughing in her twin sister’s face. Cernere inflamed Slata‘s lust and it was only after their passionate tryst did Slata realize her lover had slipped away, leaving behind a note vowing to stay hidden until Las was married. That left Iustia, the blind Goddess of Justice. Slata approached the Goddess and found her to be obedient, following the will of society and thus married Las. It did little to control the God’s lustful behavior.

The Thief’s Capture: Las desired Cernere, but the Goddess of Crime was a slippery beauty. So Las boasted of a great vault full of all the treasures he had found. He built the vault in the city of Rartha. Cernere, unable to resist, slipped into the vault. But it was a trap. All she found was a bed and Las, closing the door behind her. Impressed by being caught, Cernere became his lover and birthed the mischievous race of Fairies.

The Seduction of Justice: Cernere, tired of Iustia‘s attempts to curtail her fun, decided to take the blind goddess down a peg. She slipped into Iustia‘s bedchamber and bed, pretending to be Las. With a strap-on dildo, she made love to the blind goddess. But Iustia realized there was something different when Cernere refused to take of fher shirt. Iustia realized it was not her husband and, via touch, discovered Cernere. Iustia discovered great joy in their love making and Cernere found herself drawn into the Goddess passion. Their illicit, forbidden affair began marked by passionated reunions and bitter fighting as their natures forever drove them apart as their love tried to bring them together.

The Theft of the Moon: After Rithi and Seljan created the Moon so their daughters, the Moon Maidnes, could have a place to be, Cernere was entranced by the silvery orb. She desired to steal the light. Every night she would steal up to the moon, seduce a maiden, and take a little bit of their light until it was all gone. But the Moon Maidens would weep tears of pure, silvery light and slowly cover the moon with the light again. It became a game Cernere still plays to this day.

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